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Becoming Ok with Taking a Break | Fitness

It can be hard keeping up a fitness regime. Sometimes we just want to be told that it's ok to take a break. Guess what? It's ok to take a break! Let me share with you my tips and advice when it comes to recognising when your body needs a break, how to feel ok about it and how you can get back into fitness when you're ready to return.

Taking a Break Due to Injury:

If you're injured or you feel a slight niggle when you're working out, it is wise to listen to your body and take a few days rest or as long as you need to prevent further injury. If you keep working and stressing the area that is painful through continuing to exercise you are bound to make the niggle or injury worse, leading to more time 'out of action.'

Being Ok with This: switch your mindset around and understand that by giving your body the rest that it needs to repair the injury or muscle will in time benefit you as you will not need further time out. Assure yourself that by taking a break you're getting a speedier recovery and you will back once again when the time is right.

Taking a Break Due to Feeling Tired:

Everyone gets tired. It is inevitable. Some people are better at dealing with their tiredness whereas others struggle and begin to feel fatigued.

Being Ok with This: the sooner you recognise your tired symptoms, the better. When you begin to get to grips with what makes you feel tired and when you're getting tired, this will better serve you as you'll know when to take a break. So give yourself the night off and don't feel bad about it! You're giving your body a well deserved break whilst also giving you chance to relax and enjoy a night off.

Taking a Break Due to Dreading a Workout:

When you start to dread a workout, this is usually a sign that you're in need of a break. Some people have the power to turn up to the gym every day and smash out an hours workout despite really not wanting to be there. Others can't do this - and that is ok!!

Being Ok with This: you're bound to wake up one morning and dread going to the gym or doing your run/walk/cycle etc. This could be a sign that you may be in need of a rest day however you may be in need of switching up your routine and exercises to bring back some of your energy. Don't be hard on yourself. Spend your time researching local areas for classes or searching the internet for new at home workouts to do.

Taking a Break Due to Feeling Unmotivated:

If you being to become unmotivated then this is a sign that you may need to step back from fitness and reassess your routine.

Being Ok with This: we all become demotivated at times so don't be hard on yourself. Take a new approach and use this feeling as an opportunity to set a new fitness goal to work towards for when you're ready to return to fitness. Or maybe you are lacking in social interaction? So maybe set yourself up with a friend or colleague and do exercise together to keep each other motivated.

Tips to Returning to Fitness:

Give Your Body Time - be easy on yourself. Give your body time to build back up the fitness that you had prior to taking a break. Use the next couple of weeks to test the water again and see what works well and what doesn't so you can go back into fitness with a strong understand of what your body is receptive to

Start Simple - start by lifting smaller/lighter weights to being with so you're not putting a massive strain on your muscles when first getting back into fitness. If you're getting back into cardio then go for shorter walks/runs/cycles and then start to increase when your body feels ready.

Take Rest Days - your body and muscles need chance to be able to repair which will better serve you in the coming weeks as you continue and improve your fitness journey

Don't Be Hard on Yourself - we all need a break here and there so don't be hard on yourself. Give yourself time and patience and when the moment is right you will be straight back into it. Use your break as a exciting opportunity to refresh your fitness journey and try something new.

The aim of this blog post is to help you recognise some signs that you may need a break from fitness as well as discussing ways in which to feel ok taking these breaks. I really do hope this blog post helped you and made you feel better in yourself and not guilty for listening to your body/mind.

Let me know in the comments one new task or regime you will be doing in your fitness journey to get you back on track

**Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert therefore the above advise is purely signs of when I need to take a break and how I go about feeling ok about this**

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