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Accountability: The Key to Achieving

Setting yourself goals is easy enough but taking the appropriate actions to achieve those goals is the next step which a lot of us shy away from. One way you can make these goals a reality is by holding yourself accountable. This can be a scary thing to do as you are potentially adding pressure and vulnerability to yourself as you begin to open up and be more vocal about your goals. However, holding yourself accountable to certain goals could be just what you need in order to achieve them.

Below, I have shared 6 tips on how I make myself accountable when setting goals in order to help me achieve them and I hope by sharing these tips they help you also.

Tip 1 - Writing It Down

Yes, it's as simple as that! When you write something down, you are scripting it into the universe and making the chances of it happening even greater. So when you have a goal in mind, write it down and don't be afraid to write it down somewhere visible to other people or if you'd prefer, keep it to yourself. I display my goals on my vision board that sits on my desk but you might want to write your goals down in a notebook or make your goals more visual rather than worded. Whatever you do - just don't forget to write them down!

Tip 2 - Planning

When you have a clear plan in place as to how you're going to achieve your goal, it will make you more accountable to follow this plan as you don't want to leave your tasks or to do's unfinished. You can also see how close you are to getting to your end goal that if you give up now, all your hard work leading up to now will be wasted, so it gives you that added motivation to keep going.

Tip 3 - Talking to Others

It's only been recently that I have spoken openly about my goals. I am quite a private person so when I set myself goals I often like to keep them to myself as I don't want the added pressure of other people knowing my goals and following them up with me. However, I am learning that if I open up about my goals to the right people, they will encourage and motivate me to push for my goal and to achieve them. They will also offer me advice and provide me with a realistic view on how I will complete my goals.

If you really struggle with sharing your goals with other people or you do share your goals but find that the people you share your goals with put you down then it may be best to refrain from doing this tip as it will only demotivate you if you don't have the right people around you.

Tip 4 - Day in the Life

Recently for one of my goals, I have set up an Instagram account where I document every time I have been on a run and my progress. I find this really useful and effective when it comes to pushing nearer to my goal as I not only have myself to let down but others who enjoy my content also. Having a social media account dedicated to a goal makes you feel more accountable and motivated to achieve your end goal.

If you don't feel comfortable sharing online then perhaps set up a daily journal where you write down your progress instead? You can keep this for your eyes only or maybe you would like to share it with those close to you to read also.

Tip 5 - Making it a Habit

I find if you have a solid morning or night routine (depending on when you're wanting to work towards your goals) it really helps to keep you on track. Set yourself the time and habit of waking up at a certain time or when you get in from work to head straight out for a run and then do some work towards your other goals. As you progress with your routines, you will get to grips on what works well for you and what doesn't so that eventually you can build a really strong routine and habit.

Tip 6 - Attach an Emotion

Last, but not least, is attaching an emotion to your goal. How will you feel if you don't succeed or achieve the goal you have set yourself? Will you feel sad, angry, disappointed? Or maybe you'll feel ok and won't be hard on yourself. Ideally, when you're setting a goal you want to achieve it so if you're thinking that you won't feel bothered if you complete your goal or not then maybe it's not the right goal for you.

When you're having a tough day or struggling to feel motivated, think back to the emotion you have attached to your goal and use this as your fuel to keep pushing on.

So there you have it! 6 tips on how I make myself accountable when it comes to setting goals. Do you do any of the above tips to keep yourself accountable? Or perhaps you have another way of achieving your goals? Whatever your method, I would love to hear it in the comments section below.

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