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A List on How To Take Effective Notes

Taking notes allows you to store information as well as remember it. A lot of people can over complicate taking notes and holding information so I have come up with some tips and tricks on how you can make your notes simpler as well as incorporate note taking into any sort of lifestyle you have. Some ideas are from so any information from them will be indicated with a (*). Side note: if you want to read the article I got some information from, you can find it here

- Easy to Remember:- you're not going to remember information that is in paragraphs and has no meaning until you fully read the information word by word. Therefore, I used to write notes with key words and short sentences, basically what you're taught in school. I used to write down bullet points and write down a simple sentence that is straight to the point so when I look back, it is easy to refer back to.

- Index:- one of the suggestions from Life Hacker is to create a index (*) at the front of your notebook or journal and number your note pages. By doing this, you are creating an easy reference for yourself to flip back to the relevant notes you need. It also makes your notebooks more organised and structured so you can keep on top of your notes. Another idea is to buy a Pukka Pad as they have divided page sections so if you're taking 4 different subjects at school or you are focusing on self development in different areas or different books then this is a great way to keep it organised too.

- Using One Note:- this is a Microsoft Office application which has the function to create lots of different notebooks and you can create individual notes in each notebook. So, in short, it's an online note book. This is such a good app to keep track of all your notes on the go, especially if you have a meeting and don't have any paper resources or you're flitting between different classrooms. Evernote is also another good, similar application and it is free to download from the app store.

Different Methods of Taking Notes:-

- Mind Mapping (*):- I absolutely love mind mapping as you can use different colours and highlighters to make certain points or words stand out. It also allows you to quickly jot stuff down when in meetings and at school to come back and organise them later on

- Page Tabs:- to write straight to the point notes and key words or sayings from book you've been reading or important documentations I would suggest using page tabs. They also indicate where you found the information so it is easier to flip back to

- Folders:- when mind mapping and note taking, you'll need a space to organise them all. I would suggest using folders and plastic wallets to organise your notes into sections such as: wellness, Science, Art, Meeting 1 etc. I would also keep an index at the front of your folder so each section is easy to refer back to

- Label Maker:- if you prefer using note books for making notes and have different note books for different topics then I would suggest getting a label maker. It is an affordable machine which gives you italic/type writer styled font to nicely present your notebooks in order and so you can easily grab them in a hurry rather than flipping through each one.

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