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9 Ways to Build Confidence and to Believe in Yourself

With a New Year underway, why not start believing in yourself and building the confidence that you deserve? Many of us go through life believing that we're not good enough or that we don't have the right skills to be able to do what we want to do in life. If we don't believe in ourselves then who will right?

Well 2021 is the year to stop self doubt and to start believing that you can! So today's post includes 9 ways in which you can find confidence and believe in yourself along with some books and journals that can assist with your self belief journey!

So let's begin...

#1 - Positive Affirmations

Start the day in a positive way by complimenting yourself. It might sound cheesy or bigheaded to begin with but it is a proven way to help the mind adapt and start believing in who you are. So when brushing your teeth in the morning think of 3-5 things that you love about yourself and say them out loud.

The more you practice affirmations, the more you will start believing in yourself and realising your true potential.

#2 - Past Achievement Reflection

If you're stuck in self doubt, look back at your past achievements and reflect on how far you have come. A good practice for this type of reflection is putting your achievements on a timeline with the year or month you completed it. If you can as well, make a note of how you felt when you achieved this accomplishment and how looking back at it has made you feel.

By doing this practice you are triggering the brain that you have achieved a lot and that you have the potential to achieve a lot more in the future which in turn boosts your self belief and confidence.

#3 - Reverse Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we can get into the trap of thinking negatively about ourselves (which is never a good thing to do!). So in order to change this, we need to flip our thoughts around once we realise we are in a negative thought pattern.

A way to do this is to catch your negative thoughts in the moment and ask yourself why are you thinking about yourself in this way? Once you understand the reason or understand that there is no reason why you are thinking like this then it gives you the power to change your thoughts around to something more positive. If needed, you can create positive affirmations that outweigh the negative thoughts you are thinking.

#4 - It Starts With You

The first thing you experience in the morning and that will impact how your day goes is your morning routine. If you are spending all day in your PJ's or starting work sluggish then this isn't going to be beneficial for your confidence.

Therefore, take the time in the morning to do things that impact your mood and your self-esteem positively. This could be meditating, journalling, affirmations, doing a mini pamper routine in the morning to help you feel refreshed and ready for the day.

#5 - Assess Your Limiting Believes

By assessing and breaking down your limiting believes will help you to progress to a life with more self belief and confidence. There are many ways you can do this such as writing down what is stopping you from believing in yourself and working out how you can flip this around.

Other ways are seeking advice from some mindset coaches. One mindset coach who I follow is Jade ( on Instagram and she helps you move past your limiting believes and experience your true potential. It is worth checking her out or some other mindset coaches who can help you!

#6 - What Are Your Values?

Learn what your values are. Once you know your values you will be able to build respect for yourself and surround yourself with people and a lifestyle that shares the same values as you.

#7 - Set Yourself a Goal

Give yourself something you can focus and work on. Once you have achieved your goal, not matter how big or small, it will give you that boost of confidence that you have been longing for and it will show you that you have the power to achieve.

#8 - Face Your Fears

Anxiety and fear is our brain's way of protecting ourselves. However, in most cases, learning how to break through your fear or anxiety is a stepping stone to a more confidence and self believing you. So spend some time assessing your fears and working out how you can overcome them.

#9 - Community

Lastly, a real confidence boost is surrounding yourself with people who have self belief in not just themselves but in you. Having people like this in your life will enable you to learn from them and how they believe in themselves as well as boost your self-esteem as you have people surrounding you who want to see you do well.

This post has been written and designed to give you some stepping stones for when it comes to boosting your confidence and self belief. As well as this, I have included below some books and journals that will be able to help towards 'the new you.'


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I have put together a workout which you can complete and refer back to when you need to give yourself a confidence boost. You can download the template here


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