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8 Ways to Build Your Knowledge and How to Help It Sink In

Ever heard of the famous quote 'knowledge is power'? Well the meaning behind it is so true as you are feeding your mind with knowledge and then using this important information to guide and control your life in the direction you want to take it in. Building your knowledge is also fun as you can learn about literally anything!

In relation to World Development Information Day (which is on 24th October 2020) I have come up with 8 ways in which you can start to build your knowledge and some helpful tips and advice to help the knowledge that you learn, sink in.

Ways to Build Your Knowledge:

Reading Books. When you read books, whether they're non-fiction or fiction, you are feeding your brain with new information, new words and possibly allowing your mind to be transported to another realm if you're reading fiction. There are just so many benefits to reading to which I have inserted a link here to find out more.

YouTube. Free, accessible and full of useful information, YouTube is an incredible platform to help you learn a new skill, search for a new career or find out how to get a mortgage. The list is endless.

Articles. Reading news articles again is a great resource for learning new information. Depending on your preferred method for reading articles such as: online or reading the paper, you can often receive a different perspective on your chosen topic. You will also gain some other opinions and new information which sometimes you don't get from a book.

Podcasts. If you're constantly on the move and don't have time to sit down and read a book or watch a video then listening to a podcast is ideal for you. There is so much information to digest on podcasts from daily news updates to how to start your own business - the list is endless. Use podcasts whilst doing your daily exercise, on your morning commute or even whilst you're getting ready in the morning. They are versatile, free and accessible from any device.

Listen to Others. Often we forget that we can actually learn a lot by listening to other people. Start a conversation on a particular topic round the dinner table to get everyones views or if there is a person close to you that is doing something inspiring or something you want to do - why not ask them about it? See if they can help you develop and build your understanding.

Self Study. Whether you prefer to educate yourself independently or prefer to join in with a class full of people, self studying or going back to education is an amazing thing to do. With self studying you can take your study at your own pace and learn whilst also working. You can self study through educational books (the Dummie Guides are good - link here) or there are so many online classes that you can take that result in a qualification or recognition that you have completed the course. If you are keen on taking a course try looking on Skill Share - they have loads of great classes by great people!

Social Media. Quite a lot of the time we are told that we shouldn't spend too long on our phones, to stop scrolling as it is bad for us, stop comparing etc. Which is all true however there is also another side to social media which is useful and provides good information. For example: there are fitness accounts which help you towards your goals, digital marketing pages, how to be successful pages etc. I would suggest spending a little bit of time searching some hashtags based on what you're interested in and see if you can flood your account with helpful information and positivity.

Blogs. Last but not least, blogs. The whole purpose behind a blog is to provide really good information that will help others to progress in topics that are interesting to them. Reading information on a blog is free, accessible and also so beneficial as quite a lot of bloggers will provide information that is useful and sometimes will provide free toolkits, ebooks or templates for you to use and practice the information you have been taught.

Ways to Help Info Sink In:

Now you have learnt some different ways in which you can build your knowledge, I thought it would be useful to share some ways in which you can help the information you have learnt sink in...

  • Consume the information in bite sized chunks

  • Exercise - gets the blood flowing to the brain and makes you feel more awake

  • Take regular breaks

  • Revisit what you learn

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat a balanced diet - food is fuel!

  • Make notes if this helps you learn information better (see my blog post on building an effective study routine here)

If that wasn't some useful information provided to build your knowledge then I don't know what is! I hope this blog post has helped and also made you realise that you don't necessarily have to be sat at a desk all day in order to consume information. Learning can be fun!! Let me know in the comments the ways in which you build your knowledge - I would love to know!

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