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3 Ways to Create Content

We live in an online world whereby it can be seen as saturated with ideas and content that has already been put out into the world. This is great as we have multiple pieces of information available at a touch of a button however it can cause challenges for those trying to create fresh content. Well now you no longer need to fear the dreaded content ideas block as I have included below 3 content creation ways in which you can find new content and stand out from the crowd.

#1 - Continuous Learning

In order to produce fresh and innovative content you need to be constantly learning and developing your knowledge. By learning new things you are adding to your consumer value as you can then provide them with information that they may not of heard of before or they can consume the information in a new way.

I have published a blog post all about ways in which you can build your knowledge so if you fancy giving this a read I have linked it here

#2 - Trends

This is something that I have recently been doing and I have found it to be super beneficial. I use Answer the Public and search one word for example such as 'wellbeing' or 'success' and the site brings up multiple different searches that have been used in the past few weeks relating to that particular topic. From this, you can gauge what people are wanting to know about that topic which will help you as you can then create content to help answer those questions.

#3 - Analytics

If you have been blogging or creating content for some time then you are likely to have some strong pieces of information linking to your content such as: number of likes, comments, reach and impressions to name a few. I can't stress how important it is to track your progress and to see what content is doing better than others.

Once you have a clear idea on what content is doing better than others you can then use this information to plan for your new content. I would also stress that using comments on your social posts or YouTube videos/blog posts is super useful as you can understand what your audience are struggling with, what they found helpful and what they would like to see in the future.

I did a blog post all about tracking and recording your analytics which you can read here.

The 3 different ways of gathering ideas for new content creation is a strong base for those who are just starting out in the content creation world. As you progress in your content creation journey you may find new and innovative ways of creating new ideas but for now, these ways will give you a strong base.

Let me know in the comments if you already use these ways or if you have other ways that help you produce content ideas.

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